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Re: Experience and CO2 regulation

Someone just asked me in email for exact URLs on the BOC site for some
information that has been mentioned in these threads recently.  It's easy enough
to find, but here it is anyway with some specific quotes:

If you look at

on the right, in the table, you will see a note regarding output pressure
increases as inlet pressure drops.  +1.75psig out for every -100psig inlet

This regulator is what you would consider Mercedes S-class as far as
single-stage products go.  It has amazing versatility and can be configured to
fit anyone's needs.  James has one of these as he has mentioned a few times.

I'd be very interested to find out about their regulator's 6-valve abilities.
If you look to the left in the feature list, you will see the note I'm talking
about.  James, any comments?

And by looking this next url you will notice the note I previously mentioned
about the relief valve on single-stage regulators not being designed to protect
downstream equipment.


 Self reseating relief valve (vented) (except 280 & 281)
(not designed to protect downstream apparatus)

One thing I really don't want to get into is arguments of "high" vs. "low"
pressure.  I posted to the plant newsgroup answering a question someone had in
regards to Dave's and M3's systems.  I tried to keep everything down to straight
facts and info that is available on either web site.  I hope a flame doesn't
break out on the group. :)  A lot of people are getting confused with these
terms because in fact they are relative.  There is nothing terribly "high" about
15-20psig when you compare it to the pressure going to the inlet port of the
regulators (now that's *high* pressure).  

In any case, I think the use of devices for either class can be implemented with
great success.  I also believe you can put together one system to use either
type of device quite successfully.  That will be how I will attempt to configure
mine over the next couple of weeks.  I will report back with specifics as I get
them - and let the mathematicians on here do the additional calculations. ;)

You'll have to excuse typos and possible odd sentence structure recently.  I'm
battling with a flu that's leaving me seriously loopy.