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CO2 Regulation, Bombast and Shame

>>And look . Another commercial vendor said on this list on this subject 
referring to the Bioplast regulator in words to the effect ** Well it looks 
like a low pressure regulator..... and it's made in Germany.** It could be 
made on the moon for all I know. What the hell difference does it make 
where it's made other than thread compatibility because we Americans are 
back in the stone age when it comes to converting over to the metric system 
which should have been completed 10 - years ago. By these comments this 
fellow implies that this particular CO2 regulator system is crap. My only 
question is if he thinks it's crap (or second rate and or not safe) why is 
he selling it in the first place?<<
OK..going back a few days, I missed this one...Comon David...what sort of 
trip are you on here? You sound worse than a cackling, gossipy old lady at 
a church bazare!  Firtst of all I do sell Bioplast Profistar, and quite a 
few of them. I think they work great, and I never said otherwise. Second, 
it IS made in Germany, Bioplast is a German company. They are a small 
company with very little commercial presence in any part of the world. They 
are represented in the USA exclusively by Jermack and marketed to their 
retail customers and online retailers. Third, it is a low pressure 
regulator, as is ALL german made regulators for aquariums, and most 
regulators made specifically for aquariums as a whole. Is this a bad thing? 
No! You infered from what I said I guess that I meant it was...its not. 
Some people can debate high pressure vs. low pressure, (Dave makes a case 
for high pressure) but that was not my intention. Low pressure regulators 
are better suited for needle valves than than high pressure. Dupla is low 
pressure, Aqualine, and many more. Daves is high pressure. Many people 
would say low pressure is better. You obviously do not know the difference.

Your constant references to "the supposed experts" and "commercial vendors" 
and its underlining anomosity is gettng old. Am I not supposed to be able 
to express a valid opinion because I sell stuff? Was I pushing my own 
product or slanting my post to my own benefit? No. So why the underlining 
annomosity to me? It is obvious that this whole thread is of no interest to 
you. Its of no particular interest to me either, but you do not see me 
attacking David Gomberg or James, or anyone else who wants to dive into the 
technical aspects of this. If you do not like this thread, then do not read 
it!  Any ones opinion is welcome, but you seemed more offended by the topic 
and the fact people are talking about it than any specific point. Get a 
life and get over yourself.

Robert Paul H
Who is writing from work just to confuse you