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My final on CO2 systems

On following and possibly starting the flaming war with CO2 systems what you
all must remember is that unless you obtain a specific valve it will not
work at its optimum.

There are gauges valves on the market that will do the job but the correct
one will do it better.

This is not to say that all will suit but you can get away with it providing
you follow simple procedures.

Maybe I should have explained earlier that a single stage regulator comes in
a variety of forms.
Simple and compound.
A simple regulator will dump as it only relies on spring pressure to
A compound Regulator senses its pressure down line and feeds back to control
the output.
Regulator is reactive and constantly governs the out put thus keeping it
If a needle valve is positioned down line both will work adequately but I
must stress that a compound Reg. will be %100 constant. A simple will work
well enough for our requirements.
The final safety would be a relief valve between the regulator and the
needle valve to vent excess to atmosphere.
CO2 is not dangerous in these levels as it is heavier than air and the
amount is negligible but I would suggest this would be overkill.
"don't sleep on the floor" LOL
From the" Land Down Under"
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