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Re: CO2 systems

Mark Gilmore wrote:

> I stand corrected.  My systems maintain pH = 6.8 at kH = 4.  With much
> harder water you would have a damped system that could run stably open
> loop, as you say.  (Of course I DO know this.).
> I think this essentially adds to my point, however.  If you are trying to
> maintain stable pH/CO2 open loop and are having trouble, then you do NOT
> have a heavily damped system, and a closed loop system (pH controller) is

Again, I disagree.   A higher KH doesn't change the size of any pH swings.
It just moves the hi and low points, the size of the swing will be unchanged.
KH doesn't "damp" anything.

I would completely agree that a pH controller is needed if we couldn't
control the CO2 gas pressure.  But that's what the regulator (and
needle valve) is for.

Chuck Gadd