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Re: My final on CO2 systems

On Fri, 15 Sep 2000 12:24:31 +1000  "Neil Travis" <travisn at gravity_net.au>

>On following and possibly starting the flaming war with CO2 systems what you
>all must remember is that unless you obtain a specific valve it will not
>work at its optimum.

Very much agreed.  It is of key importance in any system that all chosen
components work well together and are able to provide the results necessary.  In
our case, I suppose the end result is adequately regulated and restricted flow,
able to produce measurable and desirable bubble counts.

I didn't have a doubt that you had some information to offer, I was just very
curious as to when it would be.

>There are gauges valves on the market that will do the job but the correct
>one will do it better.

Sure, metering valves and needle valves run the gamut in terms of price and
features.  Something with very low Cv and a high number of turns to close will
be far more suitable/adjustable than something with only 1 turn.

>Maybe I should have explained earlier that a single stage regulator comes in
>a variety of forms.
>Simple and compound.

I have not yet seen any of these "compound" regulators.  Would you be able to
provide any model numbers for manufacturers that are available on the web?  Thus
far we have mentioned the web pages of Victor, BOC and AirProducts.  Do any of
them feature such a model?

>A compound Regulator senses its pressure down line and feeds back to control
>the output.

How does it make its adjustments/compensations?

>If a needle valve is positioned down line both will work adequately but I
>must stress that a compound Reg. will be %100 constant.

Again, not having come from a background of gas utility, the only things that I
have researched with this property have been dual-stage products.

>The final safety would be a relief valve between the regulator and the
>needle valve to vent excess to atmosphere.

As long as the needle/metering valve is within spec for the increased output
from the regulator, will not the relief valve built into some regulators offer
this feature?  It should also be possible to use such a valve with a high
pressure device such as the Eheim Reaktor without the use of a needle valve - so
long as its relief setting is not set higher than the pressure required to pop
the Eheim unit off the tubing.