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Re: CO2 Regulators.

I've got to admit that the depth of the discussion of regulators is way 
beyond my understanding. I was involved in the reef hobby prior to planted 
tanks, and CO2 is used by many Reef-Keepers to run calcium reactors. I 
learned from others in the reef hobby, and from members of my local marine 
fish society what was considered good equipment and used that. For me, I 
would rather purchase a complete CO2 regulator (2 stage, solenoid, needle 
valve) recommended by peers whose experience I respect. I would not want to 
do all the sourcing and construction myself. There are several well made 
units available mail order. I am very happy with my Knop and Champion 
Lighting Units.  Can anyone assemble a 2 Stage regulator with a solenoid and 
needle valve for much less than $140-$150? This type of regulator is not the 
only or necessarily the best one, in deference to our retailers on the forum, 
but it is relatively maintenance free once the step down pressure and needle 
valve are set and the controller is calibrated. 

On_both_my regulators the tank pressure gauge is colored red below 500psi and 
states "order gas" on the gauge face. Pretty idiot proof. Time to get more 
gas when it reads in the red.

I like the gadgets we can use in our hobby, but I like to keep the actual 
operation of the equipment simple, the same way I prefer an all-in-one 
supplement like Tropica Master Grow, instead of trying to make my own, such 
as PMDD.  

I admire you guys who like to get into the detail I see on this list.