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re; Eheim pro air lock

Hi Gitte,
     I also get air locks with my Eheim 2226, I get round the problem by
releasing the locking handle as the canister fills up to bleed the air , do
this before the pressure builds up and stops the flow. I agree it doesn`t
sound like thats the way it should work! Anyone got a proper explanation?Are
we doing something wrong?
John Holt

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> Since we're on the subject of Eheim Professional filters, I will add that
> love mine; it does a great job on my 50-gal planted tank.  The fact that
> doesn't have to be cleaned on a weekly basis like power filters, is a big
> plus.  I do have one issue with it though.  The user's manual says that
> after cleaning it you simply need to re-attach the filter hoses, after
> the filter canister will fill with water and be "ready for use".  It
> happen that way with mine.  I re-attach the filter hoses and open the
> valves, and it _starts_ to fill with water, but this stops after just a
> seconds.  If I unfasten the hoses, it sounds as though there's an air
> i.e. as though air pressure inside the canister is preventing water from
> flowing in.  Today I had to fill it with dechlorinated water at the sink
> before putting the lid and filter hoses back on.  This worked, but it
> doesn't seem to be the way it's "supposed" to work.
> Does anyone else have this problem?
> Gitte
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