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Re: The go ahead (acceptable forms of potassium and magnesium)

Sylvia sez:
> I've had problems with trying to add anything in tablet form. As far as 
> gluconate-- I recall someone had a minor catastrophe on their hands with the 
> (over?)use of some gluconate added to the water. I have a liquid potassium, 
> in the form of aspartate and citrate, which I've used with no seemingly 
> negative consequences. For magnesium, rather than using epsom salts, I recall 
> using milk of magnesia for a while, since I was reluctant to add the sodium. 
> No severe fish consequences, other than relief of minor constipation. 

I don't understand your reference to sodium -- Epsom salts is just
magnesium sulfate (itself, a powerful laxitive).  "Milk of magnesia"
is magnesium hydroxide Mg(OH)2, which may give you problems with your
water pH.

I use potasium nitrate stump remover for nitrogen and potasium, and
sidewalk deicer (potasium chloride based) for additional potasium.

Best regards,