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wine yeast

I finally got fed up with diy co2 via baking yeast. If I'm lucky, a bottle 
lasts 2 weeks, with constant (near daily) replenishment of something or 
another--extra sugar, new yeast, baking soda. (And I've observed sanitary 
measures in mixing it up.)

I was able to hunt down successfully, a little store in a nearby town with a 
vast supply of brewing needs.

Now here's a baffler. There must have been 10 different types of wine yeast. 
I mentioned alcohol tolerance as a plus, and the store owner recommended 
*Montrachet* as a good yeast to try. I picked up a few packets, but maybe 
somebody's already been through this and has a better recommendation?

I was also happy to finally find yeast nutrient. They also had a product 
called *yeast energizer*. When I asked about the ingredients of both, he told 
me the yeast energizer was vitamin B12 (which I have in liquid form at home, 
so I passed on it), for reluctant yeast colonies. He couldn't help with the 
yeast nutrient. I'm curious as to what this is?

I'm wondering if the activity of the yeast will be similar to the baking 
yeast, in that it will reach maximum within hours after mixing up, and 
maintain or subside a bit (hopefully not as much as the baking yeast!). At 
what point does it reach maximum activity? With my luck, this stuff will 
start really cooking while not being watched and I'll have a massive mess on 
my hands. I used a 5 gram pouch to a 2 litter bottle of water, about 1 cup of 
sugar to start, some yeast nutrient, and a pinch of *tanganyikan salts* 
(because it was handy, to help harden the water).

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I'm so tired of coddling these yeast 
bottles, they actually take greater maintenance/time than my aquariums if you 
can believe it.