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Re: Layering Flourite with other substrate materials

Paul Mouritsen asked:

"I am setting up my new 75G tank with a Fluorite substrate but would like to
top it with something else for looks. I thought about sand but someone
suggested that it would sift down between the large Fluorite gravel and
eventually go away. Anyone have experience with this? Should I just look
for some fine gravel that appeals to me and call it a day?"

Mmmmm, this is the first time I think I have ever heard that someone doesn't
like the "look" of Flourite. To each his/her own I guess, but the general
concensus seems to be that Flourite is one of the "prettiest" and most
"natural-looking" substrate materials available.

But if you really want to use another material on the top of it "for looks",
I don't see any reason why you can't. Flourite can be mixed with another
material up to 50%-50% and still give you the nutritional and other benefits
of the Flourite. You should probably use something which is pretty similar
in size and shape (Profile or Turface comes to mind. Either of these are
pretty much the same as Flourite as regards to their abilities as substrate
meaterials, except for color and weight.). Personally, I would tend to mix
the two materials first outside of the tank, rather than "layering" one over
the other. The physical act of planting and daily maintenance in a tank wil
tend, over time, to mix any "layers" together anyway, so you might as well
start out that way.

I would like to see Seachem introduce a couple of different "grades" of
Flourite (i.e. one with a larger particle size and another one with a
smaller particle size, along the lines of the ADA Aquasoil line or Seachem's
own Onyx Sand and Onyx Gravel). Having a range of particle sizes available
in the "natural" Flourite colors could allow for more leeway and variety in
outfitting tanks of different sizes and substrate depths, and add variety
within an aquascape in a larger tank. (Hope that Greg M. reads this........
hint, hint......)

James Purchase