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RE: Nematodes in Soil. Harmful to plants?

> From: taylorjc2 at juno_com

>  I had been thinking of using my own subsoil that I dug off a hill.  How
> much should I worry about nematodes from outdoor soil?  Can they destroy
> plant roots?

I am hardly a nematode expert, but, from what little I know of them,
nematodes are incredibly prolific.  The soil you have gathered will have
large numbers of them.  Most are harmless, but some are parasitic.  They can
survive severe changes in their environment, but I donít know if they can
survive for long periods underwater.  I donít know if they can damage
aquatic plants.

I would be interested in hearing from someone with more knowledge than me on
the subject.  However, from the large number of people that use unsterilized
soil in their aquariums, I suspect nematodes should not be a major concern.