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White Mayaca

When I first got my Mayaca selowiana, it died back so
much I thought it might be dead.  It came back pretty
well, and has grown profusely.  It was doing pretty
well under a fading Nutrigrow lamp.  When I put in
some new bulbs and cleaned things up, I turned the
flow on the Duetto up, put a Flourish Tab and a piece
of Jobes stick near it's roots (actually closer to the
Micranthemum next to it, which has benefitted), and
moved my Triton bulb up front.

Now, near the top of each stem, the stem is white. 
Some leaves near the tips are green tipped but white
closer to the stem.  I don't know yet if the green
color will fill in as it grows.  No physical deformity
is present at all, and it continues to grow fairly
quickly, bubbling oxygen in the evenings.  What gives?

Thank you, Cavan, who has heard rumors of ivorybills
on the Louisianna/Mississippi border(!) and in Cuba

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