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Re: Compressed Gas Regulators (was: Carbo-Plus vs. compressed gas)

James Purchase wrote:

> Dave Gomberg wrote:
> "3.  Get a regulator that does not dump when the tank empties  (I am working
> on trying to find these)   OR
> 4.  Include a simple pressure relief device in your system  "
> Dave, could you elaborate a bit on these two points, please? What should a
> hobbyist look for in the specs of a regulator which would indicate that it
> won't "dump" when the cylinder is close to empty? Is a "two-stage" regulator
> better for this than a "single-stage" one?
> Thanks,
> James Purchase

I experienced this dumping phenomenem first hand, unfortunately. As the compressed gas container nears empty, it lets off large quantities of CO2 (as much as two or more small air pumps). That killed most fish in my planted tank, including some beautiful adult M. parkinsoni's (good thing I had some fry), SAEs, and plecos.  :(

After that happened (near when I was about to move), I set the tank up again at my new house, but this time with a pH monitor/controller and solenoid regulator in the setup. The controller worked for me when the tank tried to dump again, and all the fish were fine.

Without the controller or some other solution, the best thing to do would be to refill the tank before it gets to the dumping stage. Leaving some margin for error would be wise, I think.

-- Stephen