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Re: Some "Carbo-Plus" answers

>On Mon, 04 Sep 2000 16:38:50 -0700, Merrill <merrill34 at home_com> wrote:
> I find it no more expensive than the gas unit, perhaps much less
> expensive!  It is connected to the timer that controls my lights.  In a
> 90 gallon aquarium, the replaceable carbon block lasts approximately 6
> months.  

Is there any consensus along the lines of:  "Well, Carbo-Plus may be okay for small tanks, but the high cost of replacement carbon blocks makes it a bad choice for large tanks."  

If so, how big is too big for Carbo-Plus to be economically viable?  50 gal.?  100 gal?  200 gal.?

I'm hoping to set up a 60"x24"x24" (~150 gallon?) acrylic tank some time next year, and I was planning to use a compressed CO2 system, but now I'm wondering if Carbo-Plus might be an economically viable alternative.  As long as buying new carbon blocks costs less than, say, twice the cost of refilling gas bottles, I'm willing to consider it. 

FYI: A quick on-line search shows replacement "Carbon Blocks" for sale at $45 apiece and the whole "Carbo-Plus CO2 System" at $279.  

Thanks in advance for your input.