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Re: re: aquarium lighting

Dgrim62 at cs_com wrote:

> Just an addition to what has been said about the new All-Glass/Oceanic (same 
> company now) 2 x 55 watt CF fixtures. CustomSealife makes a similar product 
> called Britelite and Smartlite. The All-Glass and CSL fistures both have 
> internal ballasts and are vented. The Smartlite is primarily for reef 
> applications as one side of each tube is actinic (blue) and the other side is 
> superdaylight. The Britelite has two 2 8800K superdaylight bulbs, and would 
> be the one for a planted tank application. The difference between the CSL and 
> the All-Glass/Oceanic PC fixtures is that the All-Glass fixtures are plastic 
> and must be used over glass as they are open. The CSL fixture is made of 
> black powder coated metal with an acrylic splash guard that slides in place. 
> This fixture is made just like their powder coated MH fixtures for reef tanks 
> and can be used with the splash guard over an open tank. The amazing thing is 
> that the price difference between them and the                    
> All-Glass/Oceanic fixture is minimal ($0-$25, depending on the MO source) for 
> an incredible quality/durability/flexibility advantage with the CSL fixture, 
> which is ideal for plant or reef tanks.  The 48" CSL units sell for 
> $140-$150, including the bulbs, depending on your source.
> Two of these units have the same footprint as a CSL 4 x 55 watt ABS PC 
> fixture with a cooling fan, but cost $200 less ( <$300 for two Britelites vs. 
> $500-$550 for the 4 x 55 Fixture).
> Hope this helps.
> Dave   

What about the bulb choices offered with these units ? AFAIK, the included
bulbs in the CSL units are 50/50, and the AllGlass ones are some high kelvin
type. Are there other choices ?

- Ivo Busko
  Baltimore, MD