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Re: Some "Carbo-Plus" answers

William Beckerman asked:
Cornelius, NC
<Thanks for the info Merrill, could you give us a little more on the 
"Carbo Plus"? Like what size tank and how it is planted, how long
carbon blocks, any downside to the unit? Is the controller a PH 
controller or does it just regulate the C02 output? Last, how would you 
say it compares it to a CO2 pressure tank system? 
I've been thinking about a CO2 system, but am nervous about a big fish 
kill if I don't use an electronic regulator.>

I've been using the "Carbo-Plus" for well over two years (maybe longer)
and I'm very pleased with my aquatic plant growth of a great variety of
plants in two different aquariums.  Claus Christensen and Karen Randall
have seen one of these aquariums with the lush plant growth.

I like the unit because I don't have to get my CO2 pressure tanks filled
and most places here don't want to service these 8 pound bottles.  When
I first saw this "Carbo-Plus" unit in Germany, I was quite impressed and
purchased my original one. My plants flourished just as well, or better,
as with the CO2 gas unit.  So, I bought another and got the same

I find it no more expensive than the gas unit, perhaps much less
expensive!  It is connected to the timer that controls my lights.  In a
90 gallon aquarium, the replaceable carbon block lasts approximately 6
months.  The only checking that you have to do is pH -- in the event
that you might be getting too much CO2.  The controller controls the
amount of CO2 that is being produced.

It does soften the water and deposits the calcium material on the
stainless steel outer casing that holds the carbon block.

Changing the carbon block is not difficult and it comes with a contact
piece of metal to also be replaced.  It costs me less than traveling
around trying to get my CO2 gas tanks filled.

I now have no association with the company that sells these units, nor
do I benefit financially from it.  When I like something different, I
like to tell about it.  After all, I've been a hobbyist for over 65
years and I want more people to love the hobby by making it just a
little easier and, perhaps, better.

Hopefully, I've answered all your questions and will be pleased to
respond to any others.

Merrill Cohen
Pikesville, MD