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Re: Iodized salt

Neil writes:

> Iodine is not added to table salt because people need it but purely to make
>  it flow better as normal cooking salt which has is not iodised tends to mix
>  freely with water and as such would clog up the salt shaker etc. and goes
>  hard with moisture from the air as salt is hydroscopic.

Now, I live NORTH of the equator, and with the spin of the earth here on the 
top, I have seen iodized salt lock up just as fast if not faster than plain 
salt.  Iodide is added in the Northern Hemisphere to help reduce the risk of 
a swollen something- Thyroid?  Kathy O., you're back from Cleveland- is it 
gout or goiter?

> Iodised salt in high
>  concentrations is poisonous to fish and should not be used in an aquarium
>  only natural or non idodised salt is suitable.

I used to think that too, until I got into a debate on the live foods list 
about suitable salt for hatching BBS.  Seems the iodide in levels you are 
going to attain in normal, or even extreme, fresh water usage is totally 
safe.  This iodide toxicity thing is another hobbyist wive's tale.  Of course 
with everything down there spinning backwards, don't count on it.

Bob Dixon