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Red Plants

Hi everybody
I,ve been reading here some articles about red plants and lighting
because Iīm thinking of setting up a mini dutch tank, maybe without any
fish at all or maybe with a couple that provide to the tank a nitrogen
I think is very interesting to be able to mantein red plants  with
2watts per gallon as Tom Barr says, I didnīt know it. I always though
that those kind of plants require a intense lighting. I suppose at least
the bulbs in this tank are rich in the blue zone of the spectra and with
high šK.
Anyway I would like to know the 3 or 4 most importante things to take
care when you are trying red plants. some points I find important are:
1.- Lighting, amount of watts and kind of bulb. (blue espectra) itīs
maybe ok a coral bulb like blue moon?
2.- Substrate, kind of soil, added clay, what kind of substrate
fertilizer? whatīs first? whatīs upper?....
3.- Fertilizer, whatīs better?, tablets, liquid. Especially Fe rich in?
or maybe K rich in...?
4.- Water quality (I suppose kh5 and gh9 as Tom Barr has, must be

I also have very often disccusions with friends about RFUG, I guess a
fertilized substrate is better, but I think that filter system moved
with a pump doesnīt have interference with CO2 addition, mantein warmer
the roofs and many other advantage (and disadvantages of course) but I
would like to know what do you think?

Thanks a lot
Alvaro Robles - "Poe"