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Echinodorus rose'

Got another question, APD'rs.

I have what I believe to be an E. rose' in my tank.  New leaves are
burgundy while emerging, then slowly and spottily turn green.  Its
large, and growth sprawls outward, not so much upright.  Long leaf on
short stem.

Anyway, it has suddenly decided to send out thick red stems to the
surface, with bright eye popping burgundy leaves at the ends.  Is this a
cry for help or a sign of imminent flowering, or...?  I have had 4 of
them in this tank for months, and this is the first sign of these
robust, aggressive, LONG stems.

The tank is as follows:

60 gal. long and shallowish
3+ watts/gal.  Chroma 50
High pressure CO2
Heavily planted, too many fish, jobe's spikes now and then
TMG daily- 4 ml
Weekly 25 % water change
Nitrate 15 ppm
7.0 pH

Just after this new sort of growth started, we had a bit of a CO2
accident, and with our uncharacteristic heat wave, I'm getting my first
taste of what dealing with green water is like.  Where do I get
Daphnia?  I have searched all bodies of water in a 50 mile radius with
no luck.