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Re: Canning salt

> From: John_P_Bonin at eFunds_Com
> Subject: Canning salt
> I just started to use a canning/pickling salt in my tank.  It is 98 or 99%
> NaCl.  Is this considered non-iodized such that it is as safe as the
> aquarium salt I used before?  Thank you, and have a pleasant day!

It is probably a lot higher than 99%.  Pickling salt is food grade
with no anti-caking additives nor iodide added.  It is the purest form
of NaCl that is generally available, and should be fine.  "Rock salt"
would probably be OK also; it is not all that pure, but the impurities
ought to at least be "natural" (like dirt, traces of KCl and CaCl2,
etc.).  "Aquarium salt" looks like repackaged water softener salt to

Best regards,