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Re: reb web/sulfur

In a message dated 07/21/2000 3:50:50 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
Aquatic-Plants-Owner at actwin_com writes:

<<  It says that sulfur defic. is like N defic., but that it affects new 
 leaves first.  So that's why I was asking about sulfur- it looked like the 
 only candidate for anthocyanin in new leaves.  I've never seen any posting 
 reporting a sulfur defic. though.  Has anyone ever seen a sulfur deficiency 
 in a plant tank? >>
Hey Zach,
Here is an idea for you to try if you're brave.....if you really think its a 
sulfur problem, get a wooden matchstick, break off the head and shove it way 
down in the substrate under the plant. I have never done such a thing but I 
have heard of people doing this for their garden tomato plants. What about 
your trace elements? Do you use any like TMG or Flourish? Probably the best 
way to go would be to use K2SO4.
If you do the matchstick trick, please be sure to tell us of your results!
Good Luck