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Re: fish-o-rama

Sorry to drag this on, and I know it's not relevant to planted tanks, but 
I've really been annoyed with this thing.

I can understand their ploy. They are trying to lure the average fishkeeper 
(who keeps 1 freshwater tank with a fish population that they perpetually 
renew due to poor practices) into keeping their very attractive, but more 
expensive, saltwater fish. On the first page, they tell you it's a patented 
process. They've lured you in. Now you go in and read about how it's really 
done--a brackish setup. The average guy forgets about their *lie* and looks 
at how attractive these fish are, and clicks on *order*.

Now we know that neither will thrive. Freshwater fish will not be more 
brilliant and healthy in this environment. And the saltwater fish are really 
not, through a patented process, genetically engineered to withstand it 
either. But they're guaranteed business for a long time. And at least a 
1-time sale to MANY people.

In the first case, it is false advertising. And then they go on to give 
mis-information (something the Humane Society? should be interested in) to 
keep you going with the idea. 

Isn't there any policing of internet advertising? I think this is misleading 
& fictitious advertising? Like the bait-and-switch tactic. Am I wrong? They 
should be forced to change their wording, at least.

>  And it's great that you never have to change the water!  I mean, who really
>  ever wants to do that?  It's not like the tank with the clowns and other
>  freshwater fish will undergo any nitrate or ammonia imbalances.  :)
>  ...Seriously, everyone should check this site out.  I'm sure other aquatic
>  message boards and lists will be filled with queries about these fish as
>  they become listless, stop eating, then succumb.  Anyone who would buy one
>  based on the minute amount of info provided at the sight is an ignoramus.
>  Given that evolution has developed distinct and wonderful physiologies to
>  allow aquatic life in fresh and saltwater (okay, and the brackish gray
>  area), this must be bullsh*t, right?  TELL ME IF I'M WRONG!!   Anyway, I
>  couldn't find an e-mail address to send any irrate feedback to these
>  quacks.  I may call their number to share my enthusiasm, though...
>  Personally, if I see neon painted/injected/dyed fish at a LFS, they just
>  lost my business. San Francisco bay area folks: my recollection may be
>  wrong, but I have not been to Lucky Goldfish in Oakland for over six years
>  because I