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Re: DIY CO2 systems

See replies interspersed..

> Date: Wed, 14 Jun 2000 20:22:46 -1000
> From: "Barry" <barry_mitchell at hotmail_com>
> Subject: Re: DIY CO2 systems
>  snip snip snip

> You should be able to see results very quickly.  On the second or third
> a new yeast culture should be giving you a steady stream of CO2.  A couple
> of hours after lights-on you should see oxygen bubbles coming off your
> plants, especially where they are broken or injured.  My tank reminds me
> snow flurries in reverse sometimes, there are so many tiny streams of
> bubbles coming off the plants.

Yep, just as you said, today (about 28 hours into use) I'm starting to see
bubbles coming off one plant which has been chewed on by someone
or something who I shall let remain nameless <points to clown pleco.. ahem>

... more snipping <tip.. don't run with scissors>  :-)

> I think one of the limitations on using yeast for CO2 generation has been
> traditional thinking.  Everyone has been using yeast, cane sugar and
> powder because that's what's always been used to make yeast generate CO2
> leaven bread, right? Wrong.  Right but wrong.  The idea in baking or
> is to have yeast do its thing and not leave any foul taste behind.  I,
> personally, have no intention of drinking what's left in bottle after the
> yeast is done with it.  This leaves me totally free to add anything that
> will make yeast healthier, stronger and longer lasting, regardless of how
> taste.  That's what lead me to throw in fertilizer meant for aquarium
> plants.  I have yet to come up with scientific proof that it does any
> it certainly hasn't done any harm.  But I am limiting myself again, by
> trying to improve the yeast culture using only what the aquarist has at
> hand.  Who knows, 1/4 teaspoon of Miracle Grow might make all the
> difference.

Interesting idea about the Miracle Grow :-)  I recently read in the
about putting a couple cups of strongly brewed tea in the mix. Apparently
the tannin in the tea is supposed to make the brew last longer (up to 10

Thanks again

PS... Is this list really only available in digest mode?? Or is there a way
subscribing in individual email mode?