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Date: Tue, 13 Jun 2000 08:26:50 -0400
From: "David H. Grim" <dgrim at iopener_net>
Subject: may be off topic, but...

>Hi all,
>I saw this ad in the latest issue of FAMA.  We can now have saltwater fish
>in >with our freshwater specimens. Seems cruel and unusual punishment to
>me. Like >those 6" fish cube "complete ecosystems" you can buy at the
>large retailers. >The URL is www.Fish-O-Rama.com. Not in my tanks, in my

Gee, Dave, let's be more open-minded!		;)

This is actually REALLY cool, and the development of this technology was
only a matter of time.   Now we can have really PRETTY fish in our tanks!
So I'm thinkin' a few of those specially-acclimated freshwater clown fish
would look great in my tank.  I already have a bunch of those nifty white
fish with the neon backs.  Don't know what they're called, but they sure
are hard to keep.  Fussy imports.  I have the common varieties of green,
yellow, and orange, but I really MUST get that new purple variety--I think
they just started to import that one!   To round out my community tank,
maybe I should add some of those really colorful fish with the orange
spots, Oscars I think.  I love how they look through the glass with those
big, thoughtful eyes.

Just think, with this new technology, there'll soon be freshwater sea
anemones AND corals!  Can't you just picture anemone nestled amongst a
stand of bacopa and java ferns clinging to the corals?

And it's great that you never have to change the water!  I mean, who really
ever wants to do that?  It's not like the tank with the clowns and other
freshwater fish will undergo any nitrate or ammonia imbalances.  :)

...Seriously, everyone should check this site out.  I'm sure other aquatic
message boards and lists will be filled with queries about these fish as
they become listless, stop eating, then succumb.  Anyone who would buy one
based on the minute amount of info provided at the sight is an ignoramus.
Given that evolution has developed distinct and wonderful physiologies to
allow aquatic life in fresh and saltwater (okay, and the brackish gray
area), this must be bullsh*t, right?  TELL ME IF I'M WRONG!!   Anyway, I
couldn't find an e-mail address to send any irrate feedback to these
quacks.  I may call their number to share my enthusiasm, though...

Personally, if I see neon painted/injected/dyed fish at a LFS, they just
lost my business. San Francisco bay area folks: my recollection may be
wrong, but I have not been to Lucky Goldfish in Oakland for over six years
because I think that I once saw these examples of embellishment in their
tanks.  Please tell me if I must be misremembering because I'm not planning
on going back there anytime soon.


Carmen C. Robinett
Dept. of Molecular and Cell Biology
University of California
Berkeley, CA 94720-3202
(510) 642-5971