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Re: Laminate wood flooring

> From: chong wan-tong <deweychong at yahoo_com>
> I am trying to find out if laminate wood flooring
> (popular nowadays) is suitable for a 5 ft x 2 ft by 2
> ft tank with cabinet,fully equiped and loaded.

> My contractor advises me to use ceramic floorings or
> other "hard" flooring. He says laminate wood flooring
> is not suitable.

Take your contractor's advice or seek another contractor.  He's telling you
this because he doesn't want to be called back to make repairs.  That means
that either he is confident that the material will not stand up, or that he
is not confident in his ability install the material.

You don't give much information on the particular type of laminate flooring
to be used.  Many laminate systems are designed to be free-floating over the
subfloor.  It will not be free-floating with 1,500 pounds of aquarium
sitting on one side of it.

I've been a construction manager for several years and my experience with
laminate flooring has all been negative.  If you want a wood floor, spend
the money on hardwood plank tongue and groove flooring.  Provided the floor
framing is up to the job, plank flooring will take anything you can set on
it and will take anything short of continuous wetting.