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very mysterious deaths...

My apologies to those who feel this is off topic.  This morning I found two
of my (female) dwarf neon rainbows, dead in the tank.  The tank  is a
50-gal. with 110 watts of fluorescent lighting, has been running for about 6
or 7 weeks, is heavily planted (new plants, so except for fast-growing ones,
most are smallish).  Because it's a new setup, I test the water twice a
week, ammonia=0, nitrIte=0, nitrAte=0.  GH=8, KH=4 or 5, pH =7.5, temp=78F.
These values are always the same.  I do weekly 25% water changes.  Can
anyone think of any possible reason for these deaths?  The dead fish looked
pretty normal, and I had no prior signs that anything was wrong with them;
they were all eating well.  They had been in the tank for at least a month,
seemingly healthy and active (former count was 3 males to 4 females).

I haven't seen any fish harrassing any others.  Other variables in the past
week:  I cleaned the filter, but was careful to rinse everything only in
used tank water, and I replaced only the white filter pad (Eheim
Professional filter).  Introduced 3 platys early in the week; one died
within 48 hours after moping around and resting in the plants, so I wrote
that off to stress; the other 2 platys are fine.  One flagfish with weird
symptoms, was swimming with its head down and tail up, seemingly unable to
stay horizontal.  I didn't have a quarantine tank to put it into, so LFS
took it back.

I am wondering if I am underfeeding.  If so, would I have seen any symptoms
first?  Flake food is the staple; sometimes I feed dried bloodworms or dried
daphnia.  I feed TabiMin for the corys, but all other fish eat them too.  I
feed an occasional sinking wafer (Hikari), and occasional shrimp pellets.
Two days ago, I tried putting in a slice of parboiled zucchini, which nobody
except the MTS's seemed interested in, so I removed it the following
morning.  This wasn't organic, but I had washed it throughly before feeding

I am hoping someone has some words of wisdom.