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Re: H.Difformis deficiency symptoms

On Mon, 12 Jun 2000, Zon Hisham wrote:

> What about cracks appearing on newer/older leaves? Newer leaves are pale
> green. And the older leaves cupped. I am more than confident that it's
> not Calcium deficiency as CaCO3 is added after water change. Tank is
> highly lited with CO2 injection and low fish load.
> Could this be Nitrogen deficiency?

Cracks in the leaves aren't something I recognize as a nutrient
deficiency.  It sounds more like mechanical damage.  Light color may
indicate low nitrogen supply, but it isn't necessarily pathologic enough
to call it a deficiency.  Keep in mind that H. difformis is a naturally
light-colored plant and that healthy submersed growth may be lighter
colored than healthy emersed growth.

Roger Miller