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Re: Laminate wood flooring

Chong wrote:

I am trying to find out if laminate wood flooring
(popular nowadays) is suitable for a 5 ft x 2 ft by 2
ft tank with cabinet,fully equiped and loaded.

What about timber or parquet flooring? Are they
suitable too?

My contractor advises me to use ceramic floorings or
other "hard" flooring. He says laminate wood flooring
is not suitable.

I reply:

Your contractor is most likely correct. I have seen both oak floors and
parquet floors lift right off the the subfloor when exposed to moisture.
When I say lift I mean the whole center of the room 12" above the subfloor.
The problem is that this type of flooring tends to swell when exposed to
water. There are some parquet floors that are not fastened down and I think
they might be more suitable and I believe that there is some flooring made
from a wood that is native to Australia that might be suitable but I don't
remember the name. There are also ceramic tiles that look very much like
wood flooring. I think that would be my first choice.