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Re: Opinions on lighting

I'm sorry to say that I asked the same quetions a while back and got no 
response! I'm in the process of trying to import some 'Westron' 
self-ballasted metal halide bulbs, if you're in the US they should be 
easier to get hold of (there have been good things said about them and 
they're _much_ simpler/cheaper to install). 
I came to the conclusion, after much reading, that MHs are better if you 
want to allow your plants to grow frely out of the tank. In addition,  I 
think that the best 'optimum' is to have a high glass cover (mine is in 
the process of construction) of 35/40cm with the MHs shining through and 
at the back I'll have space for two compact flourescents, giving me the 
option of balancing out any colour imbalance.
For me, the problem of emersed growth and how to allow it is v. 
important as I want to be able to have flowers etc., if this isn't 
important, your optimum will be different from mine:-)!
Let me know what you decide and how it goes,