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tanks gone down the drain

My tanks gone down the drain.. *sigh*
What has happened is generally the top of the plants are growing really well
(ambulia and hygrophila) but underneath them the leaves seem to be rotting.
The hygrophila is densely planted so I can understand this that enough light
isnt getting through but 2 weeks ago I took out all my ambulia, trimmed it
and planted it sparesly back in the tank.  What has happened is about the
top 1/3 is really healthy (even pink) while the rest is going brown and
rotting.  Not sure what it is.. I'm starting to get green spotchy algae on
my glass again (I didn't have this for a month after I got rid of the
greenwater algae).  Actually after I got rid of the green water algae my
tank was doing really well..

The conclusions I have come up with are as follows -

1.  The filter is clogged.. I removed most of the filter wool out of my
eheim after the greenwater but left some there.. this possibly could be
blocked and having material decay in there (the rest of the media is just

2.  I feed my fish too much (once a day a nice pinch of flake, and about
every 2 days an algae tablet)

3.  The two aquarelle lights are somehow causing a deficiency in the plant
(see Ivo Buskos lighting review).  Ivo told me that the drawback he sees
with these lights it that it has an extreme emission on the blue side of the
spectrum when compared with the red.  He also said that other people have
experienced algae growth with blueish lights ?   But compared with other
fluros on his test everywhere else it came out nearly on top !  Maybe I
should experiment with 1 aquarelle and 1 triphosphour daylight 5000K ?  or 1
bulb with a lot of red emission (grolux??)

Its hard to judge the lighting since I have not heard of anyone else on the
list using the aquarelle bulbs as I understand it is hard to get hold of and
ballasts for it in the US.  Anyway anyones experiences advice would be
greatly appreciated !

Thanks a lot
Jon Hammond