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Re: Olsen & the mysterious algae eating fish!

>Funny thing is - the fish I've been catching - which I thought was a FFF -
>fact isn't! I've observed this animal, whatever it is, doing serious damage 
>to algae - both in the wild and in my tank. 

Congrats Olsen-san! 

You have entered the next level of advanced splunking for indiginous
aquatic resources! :-)  You have discovered the "algae eating cichlid"
(having previously discovered a patch of "cichlid resistant hairgrass")!  I
first came across ths little guy last year and was blown away by the
efficiency at which he dispached ALL algae! Even that
brown-stuff-on-the-glass!  They are even better than Florida Flag Fish
(FFF!) But take GREAT care! 

Unlike FFF, the minute this "pokemon" nears an inch in length he will turn
on your Ambullia and wallichii.  When he does hit an inch, he'll start
mowin' down your glossostigma!

They should be used only in EXTREME situations when algae's got you goin'
down-for-the-count!  I tried to send one o' these to IL some months back
(thank God it did'nt make it!)

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