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Re: J floridae

Elaine wrote:

" Ok I am sold on these as a possible soloution to the algae 
problem in my Java Moss which the Japonica don't seem to want 
to touch.  My only 2 concerns are that they would bother the 
smaller fish in the tank - tetras mainly with a couple of Rasboras in 
for good measure, and that they would turn their noses up at the 
algae in favour of the daily flake food feeding. I would put in more 
Japonica but they really don't seem to enjoy the algae in the 
middle of the moss.  Also how hard is it to get hold of these guys? 
My LFS tried to order some awhile ago so I could see them and 
got Flag Cichlids instead."

I have a pair in a community tank with tetras and rasboras. They 
don't bother anyone. They do not eat flake food, but will voraciously 
eat sinking pellets. They are somewhat aggressive about it, but the 
other fish have learned that the flagfish are more show than terror, 
so everyone gets a share. I would suggest avoiding the sinking 
pellets until your algae is under control. They will definitely eat 
algae entangled in java moss. I found my Jordanella at PetsMart, 
where they are occasionally stocked. 

Cathy Hartland