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Re: invinvible greenwater

On Sat, 6 May 2000, Jon Hammond wrote:
> Well today after taking the blankets off my tanks (after 5 days of complete
> darkness, no CO2, hardly any feeding) I have found i still have murky green
> water :o(.  I don't know what the next course of action I should take.
> Being a poor uni student I'm not about to go and waste my money on UV or
> diatomous filter so I guess the only last choice I have is to try filtering
> the stuff out with filter wool with a lil fluval 102 filter I have lying
> around.  Anyone have any experience with how effective this is ?

The darkness treatment worked for me just as well as it worked for you.  
I now filter green water from my 55 gallon tank using filter floss in a
Magnum 350.  I add a flocculent (Hagen P Clear) that is sold specifically
for floculating algal and bacterial blooms, and it works fine.  The method
might work without the flocculent.  I can't comment on how a fluval 102
might work, but there's nothing particularly special about the Magnum that
makes it work better than anything else.

Roger Miller
in Albuquerque, with 90 degree days, 50 degree nights and 15% humidity.