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Re: invinvible greenwater

Like you, I don't have the money to run out and buy a filter specifically
for this green water problem.  However, I am doing this...

It was suggested to me by people on the Aquatic Plants list to try the
Micron Cartridge filters for the Magnum H.O.T. filter...  Rather than buying
a whole filter, I just bought the filter cartrige, and am rigging up means
to force the water that comes out of the discharge of my canister filter, to
pass through this Micron Filter cartridge on it's way back into the tank.

It's cost me about $11.00 for the filter cartridge, and $15.00 for the
plumbing parts that I'm jurry rigging together.   A lot less than the $80 I
might end up spending on a Magnum filter...

This is one place that the DIY method can save money... If you have some
other pump moving water around, like my canister filter... Then it seems
that there ought to be a way to use that existing mechanism to force water
to pass through a filter cartridge.  I just went to a plumbing store with a
filter cartridge in hand, looked at all the plastic plumbing fittings, and
said, "Which of these things belong together."

The glue, (silicon aquarium sealant) is drying now, so I'll be able to try
this thing out in my tank tomorrow.  I'll let you know if it works.