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Re: Aquarium Landscapes, ADA & Potassium

On Sat, 6 May 2000, James Purchase wrote (quoting yours truly):
> > We've been hearing for years now that potassium can be dosed freely
> > without problems.  That has always seemed to me like advise that had to
> > break down as potassium concentrations became extreme.  I'm glad to see
> > someone finally reporting that problems do appear at high concentrations.
> Don't be too quick to worry about elevated K levels Roger. I've been dosing
> Potassium supplements in several of my tanks at various doseage levels (one
> in excess of 60 ppm) for well over a year, without any problems which could
> even remotely be attributed to an excess of Potassium.

I read recently that hydroponics solutions normally contain a whopping 200
ppm potassium.  The problem with potassium, I think (as with Mg and Ca)
isn't so much the actual concentration as the balance between potassium,
magnesium and calcium.  That is, a high potassium concentration is ok, but
it needs to be accompanied by proportional amounts of magnesium and

Roger Miller