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RE: Aquarium Landscapes, ADA & Potassium

Shawn Prescott was quoted by Adam Novitt:

>I should point out that many Amano products also parallel Dennerle or Dupla
>products. We have made many small improvements to the line, and also
>we are growing over 70 species of plants in our greenhouse, have developed
>several totally original products, as we had found many problems using the
>Amano samples that we had imported. We especially found problems with the
>additives, and because of this had to develop a simple easy to use, and not
>too expensive Potassium  test kit. We had had many problems with tanks
>adding his "Brightly Green" and others as directed. When we finally
>the level of Potassium in the tanks giving us problems, we had some 18-28
>times the level we now work with without any of the same difficulties.

Mmmmm, excuse me..... but I find it odd (and not a little disturbing) for
one commercial vendor to dish a rival in such a manner. If he did indeed
have "problems", I would think that he should also have hard data to back up
the claim..... hopefully he can be persuaded to post that data..... From
what I can tell, Mr. Prescott is a one man operation, while Dupla is a
multinational corporation with a history of research and development. I'm
shocked to hear them mentioned in the same post....

Issues _have_ been raised about various ADA products, mainly with regards to
their expense. I have questioned the science behind some of the products,
especially in light of the connection with the Plocher system (vibrational
energy.....), but Mr. Prescott seems to be aiming his complaint in a
different direction. I have _never_ heard anyone question quality of the
various fertilizer products. Is this a real issue, or a red herring being
thrown up by a competitor?

No wonder there is a general ban on "commercial posts" on the APD.

Dave Grim wrote:

> This is a follow up regarding my post re: Aquarium Landscapes Formula K
> potasium supplement. Shawn Prescott sent me a very nice email off list
> regarding the post. He noted my points and said that labeling
> changes will
> occur at some point in the future. He also gave me the information I said
> was missing from the label.

Mmmmmm, maybe he is learning..... a search of the archives will show that
several months ago I asked him for some information about his products and
his response was an offer of a discount should I be able to persuade any
local dealers to carry his products..... (but I never did get the
information I asked for in the first place). I wasn't very impressed.

> I really appreciate it when someone such Mr. Prescott is responsive to
> reasonable consumer concerns. IMHO, that is the only way to build
> consumer
> loyalty and denotes integrity on the part of the company. These are the
> types of businesses I give my hard earned hobby dollars to, and
> try to let

Yea, well, like I said.... maybe he is learning...

Roger Miller wrote:

> On Fri, 5 May 2000, Adam Novitt quoted Shawn Prescott as saying:
> > We prefer a level of around 2-3 ppm of Potassium, though I realize that
> > there are those who prefer higher amounts. Anyway I doubt if
> anyone prefers
> > 35-60 ppm, and there are references in the literature that such
> amounts can
> > cause problems, and by our experience they certainly do.

Mmmmm again....... may we have those references, please? Like Roger, I have
never heard of any problems with running a tank with elevated Potassium
levels..... if Mr. Prescott knows of any, I'd really like to know the
journal the study was published in....

> We've been hearing for years now that potassium can be dosed freely
> without problems.  That has always seemed to me like advise that had to
> break down as potassium concentrations became extreme.  I'm glad to see
> someone finally reporting that problems do appear at high concentrations.

Don't be too quick to worry about elevated K levels Roger. I've been dosing
Potassium supplements in several of my tanks at various doseage levels (one
in excess of 60 ppm) for well over a year, without any problems which could
even remotely be attributed to an excess of Potassium.

> Can Mr Prescott give a description of the problems came up with high
> potassium levels?

I'd be very interested in reading his answer to this.

I'd also like to see him back up his claim that ADA products are any less
effective when used correctly than anyone else's. It may very well be true,
but needs INDEPENDENT confirmation, not some slag from a business
competitior. If he can't back them up, I would expect a full retraction and
a public apology to ADA.

James Purchase
Skeptical in Toronto