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RE: Aquarium Landscapes, ADA & Potassium

Shawn Prescott wrote:
>I should point out that many Amano products also parallel Dennerle or Dupla
>products. We have made many small improvements to the line, and also
>we are growing over 70 species of plants in our greenhouse, have developed
>several totally original products, as we had found many problems using the
>Amano samples that we had imported. We especially found problems with the
>additives, and because of this had to develop a simple easy to use, and not
>too expensive Potassium  test kit. We had had many problems with tanks
>adding his "Brightly Green" and others as directed. When we finally
>the level of Potassium in the tanks giving us problems, we had some 18-28
>times the level we now work with without any of the same difficulties.

Funny, I have been using Green Brighty 1,2, and 3 for years with no abnormal
effects on my plants. I have even  adding extra K, with ADA's Brighty K,
also with no side-effects. Mr. Prescott did not say what formula of Green
Brighty he was using as all have a different balance of nutrients. I feel it
is unfair to dismiss all of ADA additives on the sole advice of this

Ryan Stover