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Re: Riccia/willowmoss

On Thu, 4 May 2000, Robert H wrote:

> Tom wrote:
> Many of the Hairgrass/Riccia fusions are of the sinking type of Riccia. A
> few photo's are of the lighter floating type we like more often but most if
> you look real close are not. These are temporay set ups in many cases and
> seldom stay that way!<<
> Floating type? Sinking type? This seems to kinda get back to my comment of
> some people saying that they have Riccia that doesnt float and kinda roots
> itself...?? 

Claus Christensen gave a very interesting talk on Riccia at the NEC a
couple months ago (probably did the same one for the SFBAPS).  There will
be a couple paragraphs of notes I took on this in the latest TAG (which
just got printed).  He mentioned that he's gotten at least 10 varieties of
the stuff, ranging from "fat" to "spindly" growing.  I'm pretty sure he
said something about them having different floating properties as well.  
Didn't say anything about them rooting themselves :), but definitely
confirmed what Tom mentions: he showed slides of them getting wedged into
things and growing mid-water in the wild.

   - Erik
     in Sunny Seattle