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Re: Re: Vals & peat (was Gitte's Crypts)

Sorry about some misinformation given in the below post. I should have 
checked directly before posting, since I haven't tested kh and gh in several 
months. I just assumed it would be somewhat stable, at least out of the tap. 
I suppose a significant drop in pH should have clued me in? Anyway, I decided 
to do a check after posting this, and dKH was 1, dGH at 3, in the tank, and 
comes out of the tap at 2 dKH. Since I'm adding carbonates and bicarbonates 
to the tank (even just today), I'm a bit at a loss . . . but the bottom line 
is the same. The contortion valisnerias don't like the soft, acidic (with 
CO2) conditions.


> In two separate tanks with the same kh and gh (3 and 4 respectively), but 
>  vastly different lighting, and one tank with CO2 addition-- I attempted 
>  contortion valisneria. They were well-grown, healthy plants. The first 
>  was low-light and they were slow-growing but made it. I then moved them to 
>  higher light CO2 tank. Nearly all the leaves melted, though some are 
>  producing runners. Like some other plants do in my water, maybe it's just 
>  initial melt and they will regrow. I don't know yet. I have read others 
>  problems with vals. in soft water that did not resolve, but it appears 
>  my experience that the CO2 addition is a factor (at least in my water 
>  conditions). OTOH, corkscrew vals are doing okay in that same tank.