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Ironclad Typo?

Tom Barr wrote  "What's your Fe? Check these first. Look in archives on
Green water. Try Blackout/Micron filters
like a HOT 250 magnum, get NO3 in the 5-10ppm range, Fe to .5-.7 or so..."
Tom, I assume you meant 0.05-0.7, since the level suggested on the Flourish
Iron level is 0.1 ppm and the range I usually see on this List is 0.05-0.1
ppm. A search of the Archives turned up someone's: "Ooops, typing error.
The iron level was between 0 and 0.05 mg/l, not 0.5 mg/l. Sorry."

Note also the label for Karl Schoeler's Natural Gold fertilizer: "Add
enough NATURAL GOLD to keep iron levels at .5 to .75 mg/l." 

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