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Re: Riccia/willowmoss

Tom wrote:
Many of the Hairgrass/Riccia fusions are of the sinking type of Riccia. A
few photo's are of the lighter floating type we like more often but most if
you look real close are not. These are temporay set ups in many cases and
seldom stay that way!<<

Floating type? Sinking type? This seems to kinda get back to my comment of
some people saying that they have Riccia that doesnt float and kinda roots
itself...?? I have never been able to get mine to do this. I have had bits
and peices that are carried by the current and get entanged in plants, but
once freed it immediately floats. Can you explain further? Tom, you have the
nicest "carpet" of hair grass I have ever seen! I have always had it grow
straight up and branch all over the place, how do you do it? :) Dan told me
a couple of years ago that the willow moss/riccia thing was his
adaptation...I have no idea.

Robert Paul H