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>>What is the deal with Fluorite?- Pet stores in Houston have been saying
>>they can't get the stuff
>>for the last several months.  Has the supplier gone out of business? (at
>>$20 a bag for packaged
>>dirt, I find that hard to believe).
>I've passed this on to our sales department. There is no shortage of 
>Flourite on our end. If you could find out from these stores what 
>distributor they use to get Flourite that would be very helpful in 
>figuring out where the problem might be.
>-Greg Morin

Same goes for it out here in SF. At Nippon we haven't had any for almost a
month until this week. We have been out more than having it during the past
few month. We were able to get a small amount from some Local wholesalers
but not much as they were out also. We buy a pallet load at a time and it
goes quickly. We just got some last week after some 4 weeks.
Tom Barr