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RE: Nutrient problems

>I am trying to deturmine what nutrients may be missing from my tank.  I have
>lots of new growth on my Amazon sword plants, but the leaves are lighter
>green, and are all leaf, no stem.
>Other plants have large growth of leaves, that are either lighter green, or
>in one case, very yellow.
>The tank has a flourite substrate, 2.4 watts of florescent light per gallon,
>Kh 3, pH 6.6, CO2 20 ppm,
>I have a green water algae probem which I am trying to solve by the "Get the
>plants to out-compete the algea" method.  So I am trying to add plant
>nutrients one at a time, avoiding any phosphates.
>Yesterday I began adding a iron supplement, so it's too early to tell what
>the effect of that is.  What would you try next?

What's your NO3? Sounds like this is your problem. What's your Fe? Check
these first. Look in archives on Green water. Try Blackout/Micron filters
like a HOT 250 magnum, get NO3 in the 5-10ppm range, Fe to .5-.7 or so,
Get some good test kits. The NO3 is your issue and you are likely doing
water changes not adding much food for fish etc in an effort not to get an
overload of nutrients? It's balance, not elimination of nutrients that will
solve the problems. KNO3 is what you sound like what you need.
Tom Barr