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>On Fri, 5 May 2000, Heide Li wrote:
>> It's a mystery to me that several times now I've seen these
>> pristine-looking pots of hairgrass in the midst of other
>> BGA-smothered plants in the PetCo tanks.
>Gopal and Goel (The Botanical Review, v59 n. 3, 1993) reported that
>several species of eleocharis produced alellopathic agents that worked
>against other macrophytes.  Perhaps some work agains BGA, as well.
>Roger Miller

No, not in a tank situation at least. I had some BGA and a **large** amount
of hairgrass. The BGA lasted for some time as I tried to up the NO3 but
finally gave up and used Eythromycin.
If it has an effect, it ain't very much at all on BGA. Other's? Certainly a
good possibility.
Tom Barr