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Tropica Plants

Hello everybody, thanks for the help for the questions i've asked before 
really apperciate it

My question is for all you that own or have owned tropica plants ... is it 
worth the additional cost for these plants?  When arrived the plants are in 
excellent shape (from my experiences) but if they're kept too long at store 
(both tropica and non) (like big al's over in my area) the plants don't seem 
to do very well is their tanks and start dying off(probably due to 
insufficient lighting,fertilizing.. etc etc) or is it becuase they should be 
taken out of the wool and planted into substrate?  I've ordered plants 
through my LFS from their supplier other than tropica and i get excellent 
plants also? but the tropica plants are on the average 4 or 5 times more 
expensive...(well at least in the 2 big al's in my area)

So the final question is in your experience with both tropica and other 
plants is it worth paying the extra amount of money for the same species of 
plants ... assuming that they are both as healthy?

(i think my LFS gets their plants from singapore and tropica (denmark) but 
on the other hand i still think the most healthiest plants are from people 
in my plant group (and cheaper and sometimes free) but that's my opinion)

thanks everybody
Raymond Wong
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