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Re: CO2 forest

Ivo writes:

> It's doable though. A few weeks ago PBS aired a Nova documentary about
>  global warming, greenhouse effect, etc, that showed an experiment that
>  addresses excess levels of CO2 over forests. They keep an entire forest
>  of several acres under excess CO2 by pumping gas from huge generators run
>  24/7. The gas is piped and diffused at ground level. People walk around 
>  apparently with no concern about the extra CO2 they breathe. The thing 
>  exists for a few years, as far as I recall, and they do measure increased
>  carbon intake and storage and such things. Unfortunately I cannot recall
>  *where* it is, Washington state perhaps ? I don't recall either what the
>  cost of the operation is...

Typical treehugger approach.  Pump extra CO2 into the atmosphere because we 
are worried about hothouse gases.  They could have built a couple of large 
greenhouses and tested the outcomes for less than the cost of those pumps on 
a chunk of dirt over several acres area.  Kinda like president Clinton's 
proposal to pay $50 apiece for $25 street guns to discourage crooks from 
having them.  And of course don't take down names or information from the 
sellers- just give them a chance to unload weapons used in murders without 
worrying about them being traced back to the perpetrators.

Bob Dixon