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Re: MTS Please

James Purchase writes:

> I know that they are only snails, but is there a reason why you are
>  condeming them to certain death? Snails require a lot of Calcium in order 
>  maintain their shells - is there a reason why you are maintaining water
>  conditions at such soft, acidic values? Plants don't really _need_ water so
>  devoid of minerals that it would cause snail shells to erode to the point 
>  disintegration, and if you are trying to breed specific fish which can
>  require such waters, why would you want snails in the tank at all (snails
>  can and do eat fish eggs)?

If she is in southwest BC, her water rpobably comes out of the tap like that 
( I should be so lucky)  If she is keeping Amazonian fish, she is doing it 
for the fish.  I agree, though, tossing snails in to simply have them die 
from "acidosis" is kinda cruel.

Bob Dixon