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Re: Gitte's problems

Gitte is asking for help with her new tank and melting Crypts.

Gitte, do yourself a favour and go buy some books. The KRIB has an extensive
bibliography of books on aquatic plants

The melting of Crypts is quite common, and it is the main reason why most
experienced hobbyists wouldn't even think of putting Crypts in a tank until
it has been set up and running for a few months. They are very sensitive to
environmental changes and their usual reaction to disturbance is by turning
to mush. Provided that the root-stock is O.K. and conditions within the tank
stabilize, they will usually recover. But your tank is far from stable,
having just been set up. Hopefully, they will be able to weather it out and
will start to grow well.

[Now, why do I KNOW that some smart alec is going to chime in with "but I
put Crypts in all of my brand new set-ups without problems....."?]

For a beginner with plants, it is much safer to cut your teeth on fast
growing, relatively hardy plants like the various species of Hygro or
Ludwegia, Vallisneria, Sagittaria, Echinodorus, Water Sprites, or Java Fern.
Once you have some good experience growing these sorts of plants and the
conditions in your tank have stabilized, then you can venture into the world
of Crypts.

But regardless, a good library is essential. It will do you no good spending
all that money if you are unable to grow what you buy and then come to us
after the fact. You are quite correct in cutting off the "mushy" parts of
the plants as they develop - just do it with sharp scissors and don't injure
the crown of the plant.

James Purchase