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Re: Gitte's problems

James Purchase wrote:
>The melting of Crypts is quite common, and it is the main reason why most
>experienced hobbyists wouldn't even think of putting Crypts in a tank until
>it has been set up and running for a few months. They are very sensitive to
>environmental changes and their usual reaction to disturbance is by turning
>to mush. Provided that the root-stock is O.K. and conditions within the tank
>stabilize, they will usually recover. But your tank is far from stable,
>having just been set up. Hopefully, they will be able to weather it out and
>will start to grow well.

James' comments about Crypts needing an established tank and an experienced
hand, have prompted me to do just a little preliminary research.  I thought
others (maybe other newbies like myself) would like to hear what Tropica
has to say.  I will quote you a few things from their plant book /
catalogue.  By the way, Tropica does not warn against putting Crypts into
new tanks.  They do, however, give a few guidelines...

"When you buy Cryptocorynes in pots, it is important that they are not
planted in a lump, but separated into smaller portions and preferably
planted a few centimetres apart"
"If the plant is affected by the so-called "cryptocoryne disease", do not
remove it from the aquarium because a few weeks later it will produce new
Like many other plants, it can be affected by cryptocoryne disease.  One
way to prevent this is by only leaving the 4-5 newest leaves on the plant
when planting."
"Like many other cryptocorynes, not much happens the first month after
planting.  But then it starts to grow."
"Like many other cryptocorynes, it should be planted in a group.  But the
shoots should not be planted too close to each other, becuase after a few
months' acclimatisation they produce runners and a compact group is formed."

So, there you go.  Since my Crypts obviously do seem to be affected by
their move, I will try Tropica's suggestion of removing all but the newest
leaves, so that I can avoid daily pruning and mushy leaves.

I like Crypts, and I won't be discouraged yet!