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TFH errors

<color><param>0100,0100,0100</param>I do love to look through and read TFH, and I LOVE to catch them 
with misprints. Remember at the beginning of the year when I 
emailed them about the article on medications. The article stated 
that malachite green was full of copper, and we ALL know 
it_is_not. I emailed the author to show him the error and he said he 
had never included that in his article, that the editor tossed in his 
own comments, and the copper statement was one of them. 

Mary Sweeny (publisher) contacted me and said the editor had 
spend the week before at a geological muesum and probably 
picked up the misprint from observing the MINERAL malachite, 
which is green and made mostly of copper. A retraction finally 
came out last issue in <smaller><smaller>very small print<bigger><bigger> in the first few pages. Heck I 
could hardly find it and I was the one most interested in seeing it. 
Sad enough, there's many, many readers not associated with our 
group that have read it and think it's still real. 

Moral: Don't believe everything you read! Question them if you do 
believe it. BTW, the pictures are nice...hey, and no mistakes by 
our own Tom Barr. Very nicely written and great follow-along 

Now, if we can only get our hands on some of that rooting riccia. 
Boy, the money we'd save on hairnets and fishing line. Someone 
needs to contact the author and see if he has any to give away. 
That'll blow his mind!

Jamie    <"\\\><